Developing things

"My presentation about bootstrap"

Photo Credit: BasBoerman

Not only does your website need to reflect your purpose and personal preferences, it also needs to be an irresistible invitation to your target audience!
In a personal conversation, either face to face or Skype, we will define your wishes and fine-tune all the details. Time is the one thing we always seem to lack, and defining a clear and specific blueprint for your website is the most valuable tool to save you a lot of time on unnecessary communication. Two weeks after the intake you will receive the first design including a couple of images to give you a clear look and feel.

What’s next?

Building a website is like building a house. First you design the blueprint, determine how many rooms you want, several small rooms, or a few large ones. Perhaps you want a big kitchen where everyone can join your dinner table etc. After that the house is build, first the walls, then the concrete floors and finally the door. Building a template is exactly like that. PHP, CSS, JavaScript and HTML are template words for walls, windows, floors and doors.

Just like that new build house, it has the potential of becoming your home. But so far it’s just a plane house, and it needs wallpaper, carpet, furniture and your personal belongings to make it yours. Plugins for Joomla and Wordpress are what decoration is for a house. Once your template is exactly like you want it, it will be linked to your website, just like your new home will be on the street map.

In our final evaluation I will turn over the ‘key’ to your website and include clear instructions how to find your way and work within the template of your website. Just like your new home it might take some time to find your way around, but sooner than you think you will feel comfortable and confident working with it.


Each site or project is different, and the investment on your project depends on the hours it will take to build the template. But regardless your budget, what matters to me is to give you maximum value. It’s my challenge at all times to create that which you call proudly your own.