Using Moodle as a video platform

Don’t Memorise is an online library of Middle School Mathematics videos. The last few months I have been customizing Moodle to fit the needs of this organisation.

"Don't Memorise on your iPhone"

The Don’t Memorise Moodle site contains a large set of Free videos on various topics related to Mathematics. The site is open to all but encourages you to register. Registred users can provide feedback on topics, participate in quizzes, share content and most importantly; Keep track of your progress.

The great thing is: there is not “catch”. Your info is not sold, there are no ads it is Free and open to everybody and you never have to pay for learning content.

Moodle is a great tool for creating such a customized learning experience. It supports many types of media including video. For the Don’t memorise project an set of plugins has been developed to enhance the features already in Moodle and then add some features to it.

Since the target audience are users that use a mobile device as their primary computer. The site uses a Bootstrap based theme with mobile navigation menus.

The Moodle webvideo plugin

The Moodle webvideo plugin is designed to work in combination with Moodle Bootstrap themes with the jQuery bootstrap libraries turned on.

Once the webvideo plugin is installed it allows the administrator or teacher to add a video from Youtube or Vimeo as a course module. You like you would add any other activity to a moodle course

A course containing webvideo resources

"Don't Memorise course of videos"

Each of the titles shown in this course is a link to a unique video. Clicking one of these links opens a panel, that’s similar to a pop-up but it does not suffer from any popup blocker. Each of the video’s can be bookmarked and Moodles completion tracking keeps track on your progress.

Videos shown in a Bootstrap Modal

"Don't Memorise webvideo"

Each of the video’s in this course is part of a set. The video pop-up (modal) allows the users to:

  • Navigate to the previous video
  • Navigate to the next video
  • Provide feedback on a video for teachers
  • Bookmark the video to your Moodle bookmarks list
  • Share the video using social media

Al pageviews and video views are tracked by Piwik and / or Google Analytics.

The video search options

"Don't Memorise webvideo search"

The webvideo plugin keeps track on videos used throughout the site. Video’s can be tagged and searched using the sites main search function. When a user start typing a search keyword the tag autocomplion search tool kicks in an give search suggestions to the user.

Once a search word has been added the result is a listing of videos matching the tag. You can then click any video to watch it, or go to the course this video belongs to.

Managing videos

"Don't Memorise webvideo management"

The whole system is backed by a management system that allows the teacher or admin to create courses from a set of pre-uploaded youtube or vimeo videos. Simply click the “Add to Course” button and it is added to the last used section in your course


The Don’t memorise site is still a work in progress at this moment. Developing for this project is very inspiring and forces me to re-think usability and compare Moodle to other “learning sites”. There are quite a few learning sites using video as its primary resource. being one of the most popular examples. In the near future I hope to keep development going for this plugin by sharing it on the plugins database. But before doing so it will need to be standardised to work on any Moodle theme. (geek on) Forcing me to rewrite the non YUI JavaScript (geek off)