Recently the Moodle HeadQuarters organized a Moodle Developer meeting. These Meetings are held to keep all Moodle experts, Developers and Power users up to date on the most recenten changes and updates.

This Meeting was organized using Youtube for Video and Audio and Jabber for comments and Chatting.

This post describes some of the notes I took during the meeting.

Jamie (from the OU), on Unit testing and Moodle Forms

Jamie demoed a example of testing your forms using a new method for the formslib. He hacked Moodle core to add this. You can view his code on: MDL-40176 and MDL-40176_v4

This started a discussion on the Moodle forms lib. I strongly agree the Formslib needs improvement. Especially for an UX perspective. It would be great if in Future forms would support AJAX!

Moodle and the Google summer of code

The plans for the GSOC can be read here: GSOC

A list of plans are:

Scorm Player Rewrite Global Search Course Search Pronunciation evalution question type BioAuth (determining Quiz authorship) Portfolio plugin for Evernote

Moodle Accessibility Issues

Accessibility of a website means how well can users with screen readers (visually impaired users) access Moodle?

There is a list of improvements available on the Moodle Tracker.

Moodle Core Quality: Michael Blake

Michael described the process of reviewing code that has been contributed to Moodle. There are some interesting reads about this: A Checklist and a Dashboard.

Backup and Restore: Andrew Nichols

Usually when you backup / restore a Moodle course you end up with very large files that can be hard to transfer. Luckily there are plans to improve this process with a file less restore (jay!). Have a look at this Tracker issue for more info

Moodle for Mobile

Moodle HQ now has a front-end team guarding how Moodle performs on mobile devices using Bootstrap. You can check out the process on the Tracker. Some fixes that have a high priority are the file manager’s full screen pop-ups

automatic class loading, Petr Skoda

Petr is one of the lead core developers. If you browse through Moodle code you will find his name in many places! Petr described a technique of Automatic class loading. This saves developers time and more important: improves Moodle performance. (jay! again). All you need to do is name your class files the right way using the Frankenstyle syntax

Logging, Events and the Tin Can API

The event system will be improved and and eventually all loggin can be moved to the event system. This can be an important step towards supporting the Tin Can API. For more info checkout Loggin 2

Attending a Developer meeting

Developer meetings can be attended by anyone. So if you are interested just check the Schedule on